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In most cases, large meant terrifying, and beast like this could definitely be considered scary. However, my intention with this piece was to show the beauty and gentleness of this creature. Though large and imposing he possess many attributes found on natural living herbivores. I wouldn't be surprised if behind that long bristly mouth were all flat grinding teeth. He was great fun to do. He came from a period of all humanoid figures, I simply couldn't do another, so I decided to a quadruped was due. I composed him taking up a majority of the frame, his massive shoulder further reassuring you of his strength. And the soft nature of the render has you not fear him, but feel for him. Im happy with the success of this piece.
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SoftwareMaya, Photoshop, ZBrush
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  • 05/05 2015
    jakdown jakkiess

    wow, nice site
  • 05/05 2015
    jakdown jakkiess

    wow, nice site
  • 25/08 2011
    Brian Blasgund

    Love the fine hairs and textures nice soft colouring well done
  • 11/08 2011
    Matthew Kean

    thank you both, My main program is zbrush, but I used maya in this piece for the rendering and making the base model.
  • 10/08 2011
    Cameron Moorcroft

    WOW i cant waituntill i make thngs like this im only 14 but Wow!! can you tll me your software/softwares ? i use a basic one called cinema 4d but prepared to pay more ?
  • 05/08 2011
    Guillaume Musso

    great creature!
  • 03/08 2011
    Matthew Kean

    thank you both :) it means a lot. keeps me sculpting and doing what I do
  • 02/08 2011
    Cynthia Decker

    The beautiful handling of the model, the texturing, and the simple presentation really evokes immediate compassion and empathy for this creature. You certainly accomplished what you set out to do.
  • 01/08 2011
    Lynette Clee

    Love what you've managed to achieve here, showing this beast's gentle side. The soft focus is a nice touch, and the added hair detail gives him greater delicacy. Nice work – well done!