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This is my first serious 3d image. The entire thing was created in Maya, with some sculpting and texturing done in Mudbox. Many textures were photographs I took, while some also came from I used Paint Effects for most of the plants and trees. I used IvyGen as well. The big tree on the rocks, I created in Maya and used oak leaves from paint effects. Final post-work was done in Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 2. The whole thing took me about a month and a half on my free time. Since I am new to 3d, much of my time was spent online, finding ways around problems I ran into. I was very happy with the way it turned out. It is named Rat Island, because as I upload this image, I can hear a rat chewing on something in my wall, here in China. :)
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  • 12/03 2013
    Sasha Nikin

    Amazing texturing and colors!
  • 26/04 2011
    patrick griggs

    Its beautiful, it's like escaping problems to land here and relax without a care in the world.
  • 20/11 2010
    Matt Sargent

    Amazing Jesse! We are so proud of you! Can't wait to see what you come up with for my book cover ;-) Love and miss you the way, Shanda was totally creeped out by the whole rat thing...Amazing job again...
  • 17/11 2010
    Jesse Carpenter

    Thanks angelsart! And thanks Will! I also got the three year license! I was pretty pumped when I saw they were offering it. It has been great to be able to spend a lot of time learning over here.
  • 16/11 2010
    Will Howard

    I could have done this with crayons...JUST KIDDING! Excellent job Jesse. You've really come a long way! I downloaded Maya and others in the suite. I've got a 3 year license. When you get back home, you'll have to show me some tricks! Miss y
  • 15/11 2010
    Angel Lehmann

    Wow Jesse, I think it is absolutely stunning! I am also self taught but not nearly as great as this! So congrats and thanks for the inspiration.