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Childhood, Christmas time, friends, family, joy, happiness ... and, a new toy on my desk. Toy that will define my life, responsible for such a beautiful experiences from my childhood. Kids imaginary world, lost over time, a glimpse of it left in my head, a glimpse of priceless memory. But, it wouldn't be such a great experience if it wasn't for my friends... do you guys remember how we spent hours playing games, competing and exploring these new digital frontiers? I must admit I had Atari ST not Amiga ;), but my friend had Amiga and it had way better graphics and sound than my ST. So that's the reason why I decided to model Amiga for this illustration, out of respect. :)
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  • 14/12 2014
    Adam Deero

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  • 01/12 2010
    John Moonan

    WOW this is beyond clever. Awesome idea and stunningly realised. There are too many positive words in my head to fit in this tiny box.
  • 03/10 2010
    Toni Bratincevic

    Hey fuzzio... thanks. If it takes you back to childhood, and I made my goal. ;)
  • 30/09 2010
    Ferhan Khan

    You have captured this brilliantly, it takes me back into my childhood. Well done