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At the time I was 4 something happened to me that I could not understand... at that old abandoned house where I played all the time. First the moment of silence spread through the sorrounding. Then I felt like someone is watching me, and calling ... and in the split of second the time stoped and the light burned beside me. But I wasn't scared, I didn't think that it was a monster, like from the stories I heard all the time. I only knew that this vision was meant for me, it apeared by intention. As the time faded away and I got older I nearly forgot about that moment, until I met and fell in love with you. Now, I know that it wasn't just a light and memory, it was the birth of my soulmate, it was a message from above that someone else came to the world, someone that will complete the meaning of my life.
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  • 15/07 2010
    Ryan Knope

    Absolutely fantastic details!
  • 12/03 2010
    victor cook

    Interesting image... I've explored many abandoned structure in my time and this captures the feel very well. The writing is very poetic as well. Very good job!