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Dwarf Forge. I produced it in 3ds max, Vray and Photoshop. I was inspired by a myths and legends book that I have and in particular the tale that the gods weapons were forge under the earth by dwarfs in mines. This got me thinking about what this would look like and I thought it would be quite a neat image to make. I concentrated on Thors hammer and also make some drawings for Poseidon’s trident. I wanted the scene to look busy but at the same time not be over populated so that the image was confusing, I tried to concentrate on leading the audience’s attention around the image and hopefully there is a little detail that goes unnoticed making the image appealing to visit again. This image took a total of 15 hours.
Category: Sci-Fi Fantasy Tags: 3ds max, Environment Design, Set, Dwarf Views: 4803
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Tags3ds Max, Environment Design, Set, Dwarf
LicenseAll Rights Reserved
Software3ds Max, Photoshop, V-Ray
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