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Little Wooden Train by Giles Farmer

This is a model train that I made as I have always wanted to model a train. It is in the style of a classic steam engine. I gave it a nice wooden texture to make it look like a toy. It was produced with 3DS Max and Vray with no post production work. It took around 10 hours to produce this image.
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TagsTrain, Vehicle, 3ds Max, Vray, Wooden.
LicenseAll Rights Reserved
Software3ds Max, V-Ray
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  • 02/09 2012
    Pit Henrich

    Lovely image! I really like the textures, they are placed very accurately. I also really like the placement of the small details. Very good. In my opinion there could be a bit more contrast. Just to make the train stick out of the background a bit more. A
  • 13/05 2012
    Giles Farmer

    Thanks buddy, Really appreciated the feedback, I had a look at your work and it's very impressive. I wanted it to look quite simplistic so you really focus on the shape of the Train rather than the detail and this is why I kept the material a simple wood.
  • 09/05 2012
    Paul Mckenna

    Nice image, gives the feel of a model train. Although the wheels and linkage look a little thin. I like the material finish!